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Don't Believe Everything You Think book

As an author of a self-help book, I think it only makes sense to offer the same life coaching services I preach about within that book. From Chicago, IL, I serve as a trusted spiritual advisor when I’m not working as a life insurance broker. Keep reading to learn about the life coaching I provide and see what past clients of Work! Build! Love! have learned.


My mission is to change and heal the world one STEP at a time! You can find me on any social media site. I’m pretty much all over the internet these days under the name “INFO WITH INDI.” I also have a podcast on Anchor under INFO WITH INDI. 

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Start Creating Your Future

It takes 21 days to start and stop a habit, so why not give yourself a useful tool? Allow me to be a form of the therapist that we all need, as well as a friend. I allow you to get deep down and emotional in my life, as well as give you the tools you would need to change your own! What better way but to have a tool right in your hands? This book is built like a story—my story; my mess is your message. I will also give you a journal and a manual all-in-one, leaving you with everything you need right in the presence and comfort of your own home. 

This Book Will Change Your Life

Allow me to baptize you with my book and life coaching. Give yourself the ability to be able to live a normal and more productive life. Break free from the bondage that you hold yourself accountable to each day. Do not give others the ability to keep you hostage to your past! Break free! NOW! TODAY! FOREVER! Because you CAN! I will steer you in the right direction. By working with Work! Build! Love!, you will get tips, tricks, and strategies to overcome anything in your life. Start your day with this affirmation: I CAN! I AM! I WILL! When you can see yourself saying YES to success, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. 

Don't Believe Everything You Think book

Lessons on Every Page

Give yourself a chance and start doing the activities from the book day by day. You’ll then be on the path of re-discovery with self-working, self-building, and self-love. Then, and only then, will you understand what my life coaching strategy is all about. Allow me to use my gifts to heal you and help you to grow in every possible way. Let's stop the generational issues now and allow our children to have a better future to come. BE the hero, be the change, let us make a difference, starting with you. #Work!Build!Love!

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If you’re ready for life coaching and spiritual advising to give you the life you’ve been searching for, Work! Build! Love! is here for you. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

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