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Work on Building a Life You Love!

When life gives you lemons, how do you transition past trauma to new beginnings? How do you focus your mind on what new aspect needs to be in order to be happy? At Work! Build! Love!, I can answer all of these questions, and more. As a certified life coach, author, and spiritual advisor and teacher, I’m dedicated to serving clients from all over Chicago, IL, and beyond.

About Me—Certified Life Coach

Hello, my name is Indigo. I’m an author and spiritual life coach. I teach others how to revamp their lives, terminating the old contract in life for a new one, ending generational hexes right in their tracks. My skills fall under a category of fields. I’m very perceptive of the world around me, and a lot of people have considered me to be an “oracle” of sorts. With lifelong intuitive experience reaching as far as 18-plus years, I teach others how to overcome this world that we now live in. 

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Inspiring Change in Others

At Work! Build! Love!, I utilize my abilities and my technique for day-to-day life. I teach others how to maneuver through life's obstacles using my book that goes hand-in-hand with my services. I’m teaching others how to change their lives with 21 steps in 21 days. I also provide three more steps to go hand-in-hand. The only thing I ask from you is that once your book is in your possession, take the steps day by day. Be truthful and honest to yourself. Be brave; be in your moment. 

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Don't Believe Everything You Think book

Check out My Book

This very personal book is about the damage one child had to endure while learning how to become the person she would eventually be later on in life, only to find out that life did not have to stay the way her outcome became. Now she wants to change the minds, heart, and spirits of those she encounters with her words of powerful change and wisdom with self-love, self-rebuilding, and self-workings to change the future for others. Reach inside my mind as I give you the tools you would need to relive again. You get a heart-wrenching journey into my life, as well as a journal and manual to help you along your own healing process.  

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Currently, I’m offering a deal you won’t want to miss out on. I’m offering a free 30-minute life coach session with the purchase of one of my monthly packages. This bonus session can help you learn to navigate all of life’s challenges.

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Schedule your free consultation to get involved with Work! Build! Love! today. I’m proud to be a spiritual advisor and life coach with the ability to help clients heal inside and out. From rebuilding relationships to helping you learn the truth about happiness, I can handle any challenge you bring my way.

(312) 509-3411